These Digital Marketing Strategies will help boost your business in 2019

The right focus of businesses on digital marketing strategies has seen a decent rise with each passing year and pushing the conventional market out of the picture. The market change has seen a drastic change in over past 2 years as compared to the 5 years before that. Right digital marketing strategies give businesses edge over their competitors, in particular, startups, who utilize them in order to gain more business in minimum time and reach on the top. It is essential to know the right tools in order to implement the right strategies on them. Here are most favorable digital marketing tools/strategies you can utilize;

An Immortal Strategy: Email Marketing

There is a false assumption in the market that email marketing is dead. It is not only far from dead but it also yields impressive results for marketers. In one of the latest surveys conducted by Demand Metric and the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), it is stated that email marketing has an impressive ROI of 122 percent which is four times greater than the other marketing channels tested and analyzed, including paid search (AdWords and Social PPC), direct mail and social media marketing.

This gem of a strategy gets ignored by marketers. The basic ingredients of effective emails lie in engaging subject lines, easy to understand language while avoiding jargon, bullets, and optimizing email texts, pictures for mobile devices. Brands who understand the importance of email marketing eventually gets a great result.

The Happy looking Strategy: Social Media Marketing

This is obviously a predictable option but for all the right reason. Social media marketing is expected to grow from about $32 billion in 2017 to $48 billion in 2021. About 90% of marketers confirmed the strategy’s emphasis on their businesses while 89% have confirmed that their social media campaigns have incurred exposure for their businesses to masses.

This strategy not only helps boosts the sales but it also increases traffic. Other than that, it helps establish better-thought leadership, customer reach for brands and search rankings. Where it has immense benefits, it is also very important for you to consider the right social media channel which is consumed more by your target audience. Each social media channel Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, and other channels offer different consumers. It is important to understand and create customer personas and then match it with the most suitable social media platform(s).

The King Strategy: Content Marketing

This amazing marketing strategy is the most crucial one but every startup must tap it. Content marketing involves the creation, publication, and distribution of valuable content to the targeted audience. This could be in the form of articles, videos, posters, blogs, podcasts, infographics and other creative forms of content where the idea is to engage with the audiences Content Marketing’s worldwide revenue in 2017 was $32.1 billion with 90 percent of B2C organizations and 88 percent of B2B marketers engaged with content marketing. This approach applies credibility and authority of a company while creating long-term relationships with the customers. Apart from creating positive brand awareness among the right audience, this strategy also elevates the knowledge of their customers while it supports a company’s SEO and SMO efforts, startups must understand that as this is slow but concrete result generating strategy and does not offer quick results. The results rise slowly and gradually but they are everlasting if taken care of properly.

Ready to Fly Strategy: Google AdWords – Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) or Google ad words uses ads on search engines to promote and attract customers to the business’ website or app. It helps generate leads and grow sales in a faster manner as compared to the organic strategies but it surely isn’t a long-term deal as soon as you stop spending money, the conversions stop as fast as they started rising. PPC surely offers various advantages. PPC helps in gaining consumers at the right time with the use of right ad keywords for your business yielding high ROIs as the expense is on a per-click basis. There is absolute transparency in terms of expense and in terms of the outcome. The added benefit of PPC is that you acquire analytical data and insights which can help your other organic and paid marketing strategies.

It is of definite importance to design and deliver successful campaigns in order to shift the scales in favor of right conversions where the costs of clicks are not going to junk.

In Conclusion

There is a tough competition in the business world, either that’s a startup or a multinational firm, finding that right formula in digital market to get the best ROI. Some strategies have a larger scope for experimenting, others have zero marginal error in terms of financial restrictions and the very basic fact that first impressions can have vital value in today’s super-fast business world. We wish you the best of luck in finding the right marketing formula for your business and we hope that we gave you a head start with a suggestion, to begin with, these 4 strategies. Reach out to us, if you have any query regarding digital marketing strategy for your company and how you can gain better ROI.

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