Pro App Development Practices you should adopt in 2019

The recent changes in mobile applications have created a positive impact on mobile application development companies. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have turned the whole user experience into the next level generation thing.

The release of new iOS 11 and Android 8.0 (Oreo) in 2019 has further increased the expectations and the competition between the leading applications.

In addition, these mobile application development practices are emerging simultaneously as per the market demands.

1. Improved User flow

Focus on building a creative workflow to provide more functionality to the application will be done by building a better navigation system and a clearer pathway for both iOS and Android applications.

2. Use of Kotlinfor Android App Development

Since kotlin is becoming a powerful language for Android App development, therefore, the study of kotlin concepts will be helpful to incorporate its use on the implementation of extensive functions.

3. Focus on ASO for iPhone App Development

The Apple store was updated recently with the focus to provide an interactive interface with more tools and better search options. This new practice will be used to highlight content effectively making it more visible than before.

4. The adoption of MVVM Architecture in App Development

The MVVM architecture most probably for Android development is almost similar to the MVP pattern which would make the unit tests simpler and easily understandable.

5. User-Friendly Apps

More focus will be placed more on UI testing in developing user-friendly and convenient apps.

6. Permission Reviews and Data Sharing

Applications will be following a more transparent approach requesting for permissions and revoking them where necessary.

7. Functionality

The applications will provide more functionality in terms of personalized information. For instance, users who order coffee will have more options and preferences to order their coffee from different places in food delivery applications.

8. Interactive UI Animations

The applications will now provide a better usage in terms of UI Animations leading to clear visual feedback like highlighting the button when it’s pressed enabling users to enjoy better screen transition.

9. The world of Cloud

The integration of cloud technology has already become a necessary element in 2019. More devices and applications will now support the cloud to provide free and unlimited space to the users.

10. Mobile Wallets

As Apple pay has been released by the Apple store to transfer secure and frictionless payments, therefore, more focus will be placed on easy payments through mobile wallets.


These current and changing practices will provide application designers with more insights about designing their next level applications for the end-users.

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