Is ‘Creativity’ dying with ready-made tech solutions?

Kids and adults these days are all fond of technology. A mother feels safer now seeing her kids using an iPad for playing games or listening songs on an iPod rather than playing on the streets in their fun time. The situation is different if you ask an adult about their childhood days. They would probably compare themselves with the kids today and express how much they liked playing outdoor games.

Research proves that a person is more likely to be creative if he is into daydreaming. The practice of daydreaming daily for 2-3 hours boosts creativity and helps in building strong imaginary skills. Even organizations conduct assessments on employees’ creativity and social skills through team building events. 

Since our generation is busy scrolling through devices or interacting with the world on their screens, creativity is considered to be dying slowly with new technological inventions and innovations.

However, technology seems to be the main product of creativity without which it’s impossible to provide ready-made tech solutions to the people or it could be said that the paradigm of creativity has been shifted to build better technologies for people.

The technological world has advanced dynamically over recent years and has improved the lives of the people. Robots and machines have reduced the involvement of the labor staff. Despite, all the innovation, man-made skills are still considered the best because human beings are still the most intelligent creatures on earth.  

Most organizations hire people who demonstrate leadership capabilities and communication skills because they know how to bring out the best in their colleagues in terms of creativity. That’s why people prefer to work as a team to unlock their mental capabilities of achieving greater things in life.

So, no creativity is still not dead yet. It has become more focused and digitalized yet limited. It would be impossible to completely shut down creativity as it is used in every aspect of life. People see a cool gadget and think that the company is doing a good job but what they are doing is indirectly admiring the creativity related to it.  For instance, Apple watch is very famous among fitness lovers as it has a built-in fitness tracking system.

Technology sparks creativity and creativity sparks curiosity to develop and design more and more technological solutions and innovations. All the early inventions were the product of creativity led by curiosity and ingenious capabilities of the inventors.


Needless to say, creativity is alive and doing well in the form of innovation and ready-made tech solutions. Technology enhances creativity by connecting it to a world of thousands of possibilities. However, physical engagement and interaction to the outer world have now become limited.

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